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JFK Electrical - Domestic and Residential Electrical
JFK Electrical - Domestic Commercial
JFK Electrical - Industrial Electrical
JFK Electrical - Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Ultimate home comfort -split system Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning. Comfort and control in every room. Heating and Cooling all year round. Quiet Operation. Professional installation.

JFK Electrical - Solar Systems

Home Automation

Local, remote and voice activated control, Dim the lights, Play music, Cool the home or turn up the heat. Control your security systems and lock the doors. Your options are limitless.

JFK Electrical - Solar Systems

Solar Systems

With Energy bills rising there has never been a better time for solar. Perth has excellent year-round Solar conditions and incentives are still available.


Protect your family, safeguard your property. Integrated or Stand alone Security Systems, Full range of cameras and alarms .Wireless or wired. JFK Electrical are your Security Installations specialists

JFK Electrical - Security Systems
JFK Electrical Maintenance


Essential protective maintenance and servicing of your residential commercial and industrial, electrical systems. Mandatory, appliance testing RCD and safety system checks. Real estate property maintenance, presale compliance upgrades and general electrical repairs.

JFK Electrical - Air Conditioning   Air Conditioning

Ultimate home comfort – Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning. Comfort in every room. Heating and Cooling all year round. Quiet Operation. Concealed Installation

JFK Electrical - Home Automation   Home Automation

One touch control, Dim the lights, Play music, Cool the home or turn up the heat. Control your security systems and lock the doors. Your options are limitless.

JFK Electrical - Solar Systems   Solar

Solar energy is one of the best investments providing Energy independence. Perth has excellent weather conditions for Solar and there are incentives available.

JFK Electrical - Home Security   Security

Stand alone Security Systems, Itegrated, Full range of cameras and alarms. Wireless or wired. JFK Electrical are your Security Installations specialists.

JFK Electrical - Electrical Maintenance   Maintenance

Real Estate maintenance, protective maintenance, commercial and industrial, Energy management, RCD smoke alarms and LED lighting.

Z Wave – The Future is here now

Z-Wave delivers on all the promises of the wired home and opens exciting new possibilities for the home of the future. And that future is here now because over 1700 Z-Wave enabled products are already available, from some of the best-known brands that you already know and trust. Take a few moments to browse through what Z-Wave can bring to your life by browsing the www.zwave.com consumer site. Get to know how Z-Wave makes your home — and your life — safer, more secure, more economical, more convenient and more enjoyable!

JFK Electrical | Z Wave

JFK Electrical specialises in Home Automation in Mandurah & Perth, we are the first fully certified Z-Wave installer in Western Australia. We are a member of the “Z-Wave alliance”.

Z-Wave can greatly enhance your lifestyle. Have your door locks notify you when your kids arrive home from school. Monitor and assist daily activity of elderly loved ones in their own home. Cut your energy bills without trying. See who’s at the door from your smartphone when you’re away at work or on vacation with home automation in Perth. Z-Wave can make all this happen and more.

What is Z wave?
Z-Wave is a wireless protocol that focuses on connectivity within the smart home. the Z-Wave protocol is an interoperable, wireless, RF-based communications technology designed specifically for control, monitoring and status reading applications in residential and light commercial environments.

Mature, proven and broadly deployed (with over 70 million products sold worldwide), Z-Wave is by far the world market leader in wireless control, bringing affordable, reliable and easy-to-use ‘smart’ products to many millions of people in every aspect of daily life.

This source-routed mesh network topology has 232 nodes, which means that you can connect 232 smart devices to the network. What does Z-Wave mean for your smart home? Z-Wave connectivity means that you can easily build a smart home that is customized specifically to your needs.

All Z-wave devices (of which there are over 24,000) are completely interoperable with one another-no exception. This means you have the flexibility to create a smart home network unique to your lifestyle. For a complete look at Z-Wave technology and to learn more about Z-Wave’s role as a key enabling technology for the Internet of Things and connected objects, please visit www.zwave.com.au

What is the Z wave Alliance?
This is an alliance of over 700 worldwide companies, including some of the biggest. The member companies of the Z-Wave Alliance are driving the smart home revolution through technological innovation and award-winning products for virtually every residential, and light commercial application — all of them based on Z-Wave.

Z-Wave Alliance members provide interoperable, cross-brand solutions that provide choice for consumers and professionals.

Can I add smart home tech to my existing house without having to tear down walls and add new wiring?
Absolutely! Unlike expensive home automation systems that require special wiring. Z-Wave uses secure wireless technology to communicate between devices by tapping into your existing wiring. This makes it easier, quicker and cheaper to assemble
What do the terms Smart Home, Home Control and Home Automation mean?
Home control and home automation are functions of smart homes. Home control means being able to operate your lights and locks and thermostats and so forth remotely, from a single device like your smartphone.

Home automation is the process of programming those devices so that they operate automatically, in ways that best suit your lifestyle.

Will smart home technology affect my internet speeds or interfere with other wireless devices?
Not at all. While most smart home systems rely on your home network for some functions (like remote access and communications between your smartphone and smart hub), the bulk of the home control action takes place on a separate wireless network that doesn’t interfere with Wi-Fi at all.

Z-Wave operates on a low radio frequency (921.42 in Australia and New Zealand) which means no interference from other wireless devices in your home, while its device encryption also ensures no interference from nearby Z-Wave systems.

Does smart home technology make your home vunerable?
Any technology that uses the internet to communicate can be susceptible to intrusion.

However, with Z-Wave, it’s very unlikely. With its 128-bit encryption (online banking-grade encryption) and advanced security framework, a Z-Wave smart home system is likely more secure than your Wi-Fi network.

Why JFK Electrical Solar & Air – The Perth & Mandurah Electricans

One word, “service”. Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction. If we don’t give you, our loyal customers the service you deserve, somebody else will.

Just make one call and we will provide a no-obligation quote for all your electrical requirements, air conditioning, home automation, maintenance, security or solar.

As a respected Electrical contractors in Mandurah & Perth, we provide a range of services to our clients in the residential, commercial and industrial construction areas.

JFK Electrical Solar & Air – you’re local, highly trained professional team, servicing Perth through to Rockingham, Mandurah & Bunbury.

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JFK Electrical Solar & Air is located on 37 Panton Road, Mandurah. From Jandakot Airport (JAD) head southwest on Berrigan Dr toward Glendale Cres and use the left lane to take the Kwinana Fwy/State Rte 2 ramp to Rockingham. Then merge onto Kwinana Fwy/State Route 2 and take the exit toward Mandjoogoordap Dr/State Rte 19/Mandurah. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Mandjoogoordap Dr/State Route 19. Then at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto National Route 1 and turn right onto Rouse Rd. Finally, turn left onto Cumberland St and turn left onto Panton Rd. JFK Electrical will be on your left. We are open 24/7. For additional questions you can call us at 0406 082 418 or you can find as on Truelocal.com.

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Electrical Construction and Maintenance, Wireless Home Automation systems, Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, Wireless and Wired fully Integrated Security Systems, and Solar Systems.


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