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JFK Electrical Is The Right Choice For Your Air Conditioning Needs

Reverse Cycle air conditioning provides an ideal temperature for your living space no matter the time of year, or the weather outside

JFK Electrical | Air Conditioning in Perth

JFK Electrical, Supply and install the top brand air conditioners in Perth & Mandurah at the best prices.

We understand with all the advertising out there, choosing Air Conditioning in Perth is a daunting task.
We offer completely impartial advice with our only affinity towards you the customer.

Both ducted and wall mounted split system reverse cycle air conditioners in Perth and Mandurah provide for year-round comfort and an exceptional standard of living. Many factors must be considered in choosing the perfect and most economical type of system to match your property, we are here to help you chose the right system at the right price.


Wall Mounted Reverse Cycle Air conditioning in Perth

Wall or roof mounted Split system reverse cycle air conditioners can be installed in the selected room(s) and additional units can be added at any time. Modern split systems come with 5-year warranties, have lower installation, repair and replacement costs than a ducted system and have individual unit controls. They are suited to smaller spaces where a ducted system would not be an efficient or effective way to control the temperature.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Perth

One of the great things about a ducted air conditioning system is that it’s almost invisible. All you see is the climate controlling outlets in the ceiling. Ducted systems are particularly suited to larger open plan living areas where extremely large or multiple split system units would be needed

Control over ducted systems has advanced significantly over the last decade. Not only do ducted systems enable you to have the perfect climate in your home. Quality units allow for control of individual room temperatures from the palm of your hand remotely from anywhere in the world. Take charge of air flow volumes in each zone and shut zones off when no one is using them, giving you reduced running costs.

Modern control systems are extremely simple to use whilst giving you more control than ever before over your system. They keep the air distribution constant and balanced ensuring no hot or cold parts in your house.

How do I choose the right air conditioner for me?
After carefully listening to your specific requirements JFK Electrical establish the size of area, building composition and relevant environmental conditions. We then provide you an obligation free quote for supply and install of units that satisfy the above conditions. Then armed with all the information, you can choose the perfect unit for your home.
What if I have already purchased my units?
No problem. We will provide an obligation free quote just to install your units. However, we would recommend getting a quote from us, we have access to some exceptional pricing.
Will I be shown how to use my Air Conditioning?
JFK Electrical provide guidance on the operation, cleaning and warranty of your new air conditioning units and if you forget something or get stuck, our free after sales service ensures you get the help you need.
Can I integrate my split system air conditioning with my home automation system?
Yes, JFK Electrical can seamlessly integrate your split system air conditioning using low cost, world leading Z- wave technology without the need for extra wiring.
What maintenance is required on my split system air conditioning?
JFK Electrical will show you how to clean and care for your air conditioning, we also offer routine servicing to keep your air quality pristine.

JFK Electrical | Air Conditioning in Perth

JFK Electrical stock a wide variety of units to suit every requirement and provide engineered solutions to your heating and cooling needs.

The modern range of attractive air conditioning units have built a reputation for cost-saving reliability and outstanding performance. Most inverter driven units are barely audible with some units operating below 20 db. (the equivalent of a Whisper or rustling leaves) allowing you to unwind in comfort after a stressful day. Quieter units promote a more restful sleep, in turn, improving your health and quality of life.

JFK Electrical - Air Conditioning | Perth South, Mandurah and Bunbury

How do I get an obligation free Quote?

We work with you to understand your needs and provide you options designed to minimise downtime and ensure compliance of your home or business.

Use the form below to contact us for a free no obligation quote for electrical services in Perth. Alternatively, call us direct Ph: 9500 5850 or 0406 082 418.

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