In the past few years, we have experienced a boom in new technology, ideas and advancements coming from everywhere around the world and home technology hasn’t been left behind at all in this aspect. This 2019 has given us excellent new technology and we still have a good portion of technology ahead.

If you are exploring home automation in Mandurah, here are a few options for your home that will change the way you experience technology at your house:

Have you heard about automation?

Automation in these recent years has increased and nowadays you can literally have the word “Smart” on most of your appliances. Via scheduled time, voice automation or the simple press of a button you can have your house start the day for you. Turning on your coffee machine, adjusting the proper brightness to the lights of your room or even recording your favorite program can be easily done via home automation. 

You may think this all sounds futuristic, but even if it does that is the time we are living, and you can automate your home to do what you want.

It’s as easy to use as saying the command.

The field of voice-related technology has been also growing up at an impressive scale. With much technology such as Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and even Amazon’s Alexa who all are well-known technologies and they are just the tip of the ice of what is to come. 

There are excellent voice systems available for your home that can easily turn on or off and even control the brightness of your lights, change the channels of your TV with a simple request and even adjust its volume.

Many new options are already available and a lot more will soon arrive.

Is it a healthy choice?

First of all, yes it is. Home technology can be very useful in managing many aspects of your home. For example, you can set a schedule for your home technology to vent your house and keep it at your preferred temperature at specific times, which once you go back home you can enjoy your home with nice clean air and the right temperature just like you want. 

Can it make my home secure?

Home security is probably one of the strongest fields in this aspect ranging from automated cameras, monitoring, and movement sensors, and even smart locks can keep your home properly secured amongst many other options.

Anything unusual going on your house can be easily notified by a cell phone message, a direct email or even an automated call, so even if you are away from home you can still keep a close look at your house.

In conclusion:

Home automation can indeed sound like something from the future because it is! Nowadays we can control many aspects of our houses from lights, cameras, sensors, appliances, vents & shutters and many other home areas can be given an “intelligent” touch. 

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