Z-WAVE: Home Automation Using Your Existing Wiring

Z-WAVE: Home Automation in Perth WA Using Your Existing Wiring

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We put the convenience, freedom and peace of mind that a smart home provides, right in the palm of your hand. From any smartphone, tablet or computer, you can view and manage your home. From the comfort of your couch or from halfway around the world.

FIBARO™ smart home devices provide a comprehensive environment that adapts to the needs of the entire family. It’s time for smart living in Perth WA.

JFK Electrical | Home Automation in Perth WA

JFK Electrical and Home Automation offers you smart energy saving, management of your environment, security and lifestyle at home or in the office.

We provide assisted living solutions for those who need assistance at home or in care facilities.

Our tailormade solutions for smart living in Perth WA allow you to start small, for less than $500 fully installed and commissioned, then add more control when you’re ready.

Z-Wave based devices and systems are the centrepieces of the connected ageing and wellness paradigm. Smart living in Perth WA allows a new realm of security, convenience and social features for those in need that empowering independence and securing dignity in place.

Perhaps more importantly, they bring family caregivers new abilities to stay intimately connected, even when they can’t physically be there, creating the most mutually secure and comfortable environment possible for assisted living.

Z-Wave Sensors | Home Automation in Perth WA Becomes an Intelligent Partner in Monitoring Wellness

The activity within the home becomes an important new metric for healthcare monitoring and delivery. Caregivers can know whether their loved ones have left their bed or haven’t gone to bed, indicating a potential problem. A favourite chair that has gone unoccupied (or occupied) for too long can send an alert. Z-Wave makes the home into an intelligent unit that gathers and shares feedback of daily activities, making caregivers aware of unusual activity patterns and receiving alerts regarding them, when necessary.
Different stages of life wellness all benefit from different activity monitoring through Z-Wave.

A complete list of capabilities provided, enabled or powered by Z-Wave in a connected environment is limited only by the imagination of the system designer and the needs of the connected home and individuals. Utilizing inexpensive sensors, Z-Wave can accumulate and share data pertaining to daily wellness activity, ranging from simple ambulation patterns (did Mom or Dad walk around today?) to how many times a medicine chest has been opened, or how many times the bathroom has been accessed. This, wireless automation in Perth allows the remote caretaker to be alerted to any abnormalities in living patterns for loved ones living independently.

In many cases, people needing assistance are visited on an ongoing basis by outside parties that contribute to their wellbeing, including home health aides, visiting nurses, family and friends that stop by for assistance and socialization. With a Z-Wave controllable lock, caregivers can schedule times for doors to be opened for these parties and know when they have arrived. They can also remotely allow unexpected visitors, all without disturbing the loved one(s). 

By intelligent placement of sensors, caregivers can set up areas in the home that alert them to occupancy or non-occupancy, thus being alerted to any dangers or signs of abnormal activity. For example, sensors can send notifications that a stairwell has been accessed going down but not up (indicating a possible fall) or know that no room outside of the bedroom has been accessed (indicating non-activity).


Z Wave Control | Light, Temperature and Other Systems Controlled Remotely


Home Automation systems throughout the residence can be controlled remotely. Motorized shades ensure that patients aren’t sitting in the dark because shades are too heavy or high to reach. Caregivers can ensure that there’s appropriate heat or air conditioning with remote HVAC controls, and through water, sensors know and that grandma or grandpa hasn’t accidentally left the water in the bathtub running with wireless automation in Perth & Mandurah. 

These are only a few examples of what Z-Wave can do to empower independent living in a place and the caregivers that oversee it. The devices and systems with smart homes in Perth make up this connected living environment are discreet, accessible, and easily integrated into the home. Together, they create a complete picture of observable patterns and actionable data that provides a level of security and decision-making ability that was previously unattainable outside of an expensive care facility.

With Z-Wave, there’s more than just security, comfort and convenience for assistance in place. The connected environment created with smart living in Perth WA can also reduce emergency visits, minimize the risk of hospitalizations, help end users better manage chronic conditions, and keep them close to family and loved ones 24/7.

Z-Wave is the leading selling technology of choice throughout the residential and light commercial automation, and assisting living markets of America and Europe.

With Z-Wave, a single protocol can monitor and control all the most important subsystems in the home or office including Climate, Lighting, Access, Services, Energy Management, Audiovisual and Security.

 Z-Wave creates the ultimate home living experience, giving you all the features of the smart home revolution. Z -wave can be easily and affordably installed, in any sized residence or light commercial application. JFK Electrical for Home Automation

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Do I need multiple apps and technology to control my whole home?
No. Thanks to Z-Wave, consumers only need to use one application, from a smartphone, tablet or PC, to monitor and control their entire home, instead of needing many applications for separate smart devices.

With more than 1700 products of all types to choose from, covering all of these crucial smart home functions, no other technology offers the breadth of interoperable smart solutions that the Z-Wave ecosystem offers.

Will what I buy today be unusable in 5 or 10 years?
Unlike other technologies, Z wave is made to a certification standard. The Z wave certification mandates all the z wave devices that different manufacturers offer are assured of working together seamlessly are interoperable and backwards-compatible.

Interoperability is a characteristic of a product or system, whose interfaces are completely understood, to work with other products or systems, at present or future, in either implementation or access, without any restrictions.

Backwards compatibility means a Z Wave product you purchased 10 years ago will work with the one you purchase today or 10 years into the future.

How can Z wave the ageing population?
Global demographics point squarely to an ageing population. Over a hundred Million Baby Boomers have begun turning senior and many of these individuals are already acting as caregivers to elderly parents and loved ones.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented senior population bulge that will last for the next generation. Accessible monitoring, control and alert solutions powered by Z-Wave provide invaluable assistance to the wellness and convenience of these Boomer seniors — as well as the elderly loved ones for whom they are caregivers.

These connected ageing solutions are and will continue to be, a vital demand for this enormous emerging market.

How can Z wave save me energy and $$$ ?
Z-Wave is a key element in the home energy management equation. It not only allows consumers to understand and control their home energy consumption, it also empowers home systems and even individual devices and power strips to operate with optimal efficiency.

Smart climate, lighting, and window covering controls realize substantial cost savings each month.

Most importantly, Z-Wave provides the consumer with quantified data that lets them decide where and how to conserve costly household energy and build more efficient habits that save money and the planet we call home.

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