Power point installation MandurahThese days the average home has many more appliances and gadgets than ever before. Some older houses, and even some of the newer homes, may not have enough power points to manage all the modern appliances and gadgets we use these days. TO get new power points installed takes the work of a licensed electrician. But how much is it going to cost to install a power point in your home?

For installation of a single power point, the minimum charge is likely to be around $150, though this will vary and could be up to $300 if the job is more complex. This cost estimate includes the cost of the power point itself, though it’s a good idea to check this with your electrician before you go ahead with the work.

Installing power points – what you need to know.

Replacing a single plug with a dual plug, or putting in a single power point is unlikely to cause any issues. However, if you need to install a larger number of power points, there is always the possibility that you could overload the electrical system in your house. This can lead to the power going off, or possibly even start a fire.

Modern appliances, gadgets and computers can put a big load on your electrical wiring, so if your home is an older one, then it may not be up to the job. If that is the case, rewiring the hose may be necessary. Your electrician may also need to take a look at your power switchboard if you’re putting in a larger number of points within the house. Switchboards fulfil an important function and that is to safeguard your home (or business). It may be necessary to replace your switchboard if any of the following events occur:

  • Fuses blow when more than one or two appliances are being used
  • Lights start to flicker for no apparent reason
  • Fuses seem to need changing more frequently than before

If these problems are not seen to, the switchboard or wiring can get very hot and this creates a fire hazard. Old ceramic fuses in your home may also be a signal that the switchboard needs to be reinstalled. That’s because these types of fuses are not really designed for the types of modern appliances we use now.So, when thinking about installing new power points, it’s worth asking the question of your electrician – Do I need a new switchboard too?

These days, we have several new appliances we may not have used in the past. They can include home theatre systems, kitchen appliances, security systems, air conditioning, computers, home automation, and other power-hungry electrical appliances. If these are items you’re considering putting into your home, be sure to have your switchboard and wiring system thoroughly inspected by a licensed electrician

Electrician charges

Electricians tend to have set prices for certain services. They also often also charge “call out fees” particularly if the job in question is a quick one. This extra cost can be up to $100, then they add their hourly rate on the top of that (usually charged in 15-minute blocks) If you call an electrician outside of normal working hours, the call out fee can be even higher. Even as much as $265 depending on where you live. The hourly rate outside normal working hours will often be higher too.

The job of putting in a new single power point should only take your electrician between 20 minutes and 1 hour to do. So, when you are paying them a call out fee on the top, you will be paying quite a lot more than needed. So, if possible, try to choose an electrician who won’t charge the extra service fee. Another way to tackle it, is to look around your house to see if you need anything else done, the electrician is much less likely to charge a call-out fee if there are several items that need attention.

How much does it cost to install a powerpoint?*

As stated above, if you have a sole power point fitted, a local electrician will charge a service fee (or call out rate) of up to $100. Typically, electricians charge about $80 per hour. Some may cost more and some charge less, but that’s the average rate. They charge in 15-minute blocks. With a single point taking at least 20 minutes to install. They will charge for two 15-minute blocks if it’s a fast job, so the entire cost could be as much as $140 for a single power point. It could be up to $180 or more if it’s a more complicated job.

If an electrician has more jobs to do, installing a double power point can cost as little as $75 or, if it’s a harder installation, it could cost as much as $125. That’s still a significant savings over the cost of a single power point.

Because of the extra cost involved in installing just a power point, have a look around your house and find other jobs an electrician can do.