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Premium 6.51KW Solar package, Fronius inverter with Trina mono Perc smart panels

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Solar Panels Mandurah, Perth & Rockingham
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Why Buy Solar panels in Mandurah?

One of the great things about living in Mandurah & Perth, in Western Australia is the abundance of sunshine and clear skies. This makes Mandurah one of the best places to install a solar photovoltaic (PV). The collective quantity of solar panels installed on Australian rooftops has grown to over one million. In Mandurah & Perth, even without the subsidies supplied by the feed-in tariff which were offered here, popularity for solar panels has increased considerably. The various options avaliable for local business people or home owners for power solar, are considerable.

Solar PV system costs in Mandurah & Perth

The price of installation of a solar PV system in Mandurah & Perth is dependant on quite a few different things, this includes the cost of the components that are used, the quality and experience of the solar power installation company who does the work, and also the roof layout of the home. Get a quote today for your home or business, to discover what options are for the various types of installations available.

JFK Electrical Solar & Air (a local company) is one of the few local companies who educates consumers on the different types of solar panel systems that are available and the relative merits of each of the options and brands. Supplying quality solar panel systemsfor renewable energy to Mandurah residents, ones that will stand the test of time, is a mission for the team at JFK Electrical Solar & Air. Whether it's for a home or a business, whether you want installations just for solar hot water, or perhaps a battery storage system to power your home off the grid.

Power Production of Solar Power Mandurah, Australia

For solar energy, every place has a different average of ‘peak sun hours’, in Mandurah, Western Australia, that number is four hours per day. Of course, this number is higher in summer and lower in the winter, this converts to 6 kilowatt hours for a 1.5KW solar panel system, 12 kilowatt hours (kWh) for a 3 kW system and around 20kW for a 5kW solar panel system.

On average, a normal home with 3 residents will consume approximately 20kWh of power per day.

The Mandurah solar power trend all started when local people started looking for solar hot water quote to try and reduce their power costs. Installations of solar hot water systems began to rise and as a result, local people became more aware of solar power as an option, not only for solar hot water, but for solar power for the entire home. A quote for solar power sytems became the growing trend, not only in Mandurah, but all over Australia. Local Mandurah & Perth company, JFK Electrical Solar & Air noticed the trend and made the effort to invest in training for the team to ensjure that they could provide the best service to the Mandurah & Perth community so they are one of the few local companies who are able to give an independant quote based on quality as well as price.

Solar Panels in Mandurah & Perth

There is no end in sight to continued energy cost hikes. Our household bills continue to rise even with reduced consumption. It is time to take charge of your energy future with solar panels in Mandurah & Perth. Clean, green and renewable Solar is nature’s answer to our energy crises. With battery storage technology and price continuing take giant leaps, energy independence is within reach.

If you buy a solar panel system in Perth today it is subsidised by a federal government scheme based on the current STC price.  That is applied at the point of sale; i.e. any advertised prices you see almost certainly have the rebate already applied. Currently in WA a reduced “feed-in tariff” still exists for systems of 5kw or less. This means you get paid for the excess power you generate through the solar panels & solar-power systems in Perth, but don’t use.
Why Solar Panel Power?
Solar power can save you $$$, provide you energy, and take advantage of solar rebates, adding value to your home or business while reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar power is the cleanest, most viable form of renewable energy available. Solar panels simply put, convert sunlight into electricity.

Is this subsidy in danger of ending soon, or being scrapped entirely?
The current legislation means that the solar rebate started to reduce by one fifteenth annually in Jan 2017 and this continues until it is completely phased out in 2032.

Although no current legislation exists to scrap the scheme it is at the mercy of our lawmakers and directly tied to STC price which fluctuates based on current demand.

Is battery storage an option for my home?
Yes. The technology has developed quickly over the past few years and prices have fallen, adding a battery to a system allows for increased system size and ultimately increased saving over the life of the system. Call JFK Electrical, Solar & air on (08) 9500 5850 to find out what’s new in this space and if it can work for your specific situation

Solar Panel Systems Savings

JFK Electrical Solar power systems in Perth are a great way to start on saving money while benefiting our environment by reducing your home or business’s carbon footprint. If you haven’t already, why not compound your savings by replacing your existing halogen, compact fluorescent or incandescent lights with energy efficient LED globes and fittings? This simple proactive measure can save up to 90% on your lighting costs and substantially cut your energy consumption. Integrate solar panels in Mandurah & Perth with a Z Wave home automation system to not only monitor but substantially increase those savings. Energy efficient homes are not just good for our planet and pocket they are a necessity in this current energy market.

JFK Electrical Solar & Air have no interest in making a quick buck by selling inferior products and would rather pass up the work than risk our reputation. Our solar panels in Mandurah & Perth are designed to last and come with the warranties to back it up. Most modern solar panels Perth, boasts a 25-year output warranty, however only a select number of manufacturers actually have the quality controls and credentials to produce systems with the durability and longevity capable of fulfilling that promise in our harsh Australian climate.

JFK Electrical, Solar & Air supplies and installs solar panels from reputable manufacturers with warranties held in Australia. This is the key to maximising your return on investment and ensuring peace of mind when installing a solar power system. When you install solar panels in Perth for your home or business, it’s a lifetime asset investment and a step in securing your energy future.

How do I get an obligation free Quote?

We work with you to understand your needs and provide you options designed to minimise downtime and ensure compliance of your home or business.

Use the form below to contact us for a free no obligation quote for electrical services in Perth. Alternatively, call us direct Ph: 9500 5850 or 0406 082 418.

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