The top six reasons to hire an electrician to put reverse cycle air conditioning into your home this season.

  1. Cool in summer, warm in winter.
  2. They’re super-efficient
  3. In-built air purifying filter
  4. Compatible with software for home automation
  5. Safe to use
  6. Distributes the heat or cooling evenly

Many experts recommend the installation of reverse cycle air conditioning system for homes in both summer and winter. However why would you pay up to several thousand dollars for a reverse-cycle air-conditioning system, and then pay the price to get it installed when you could buy a portable heater or fan? Is saving money important to you? What about being kind to the environment as well as keeping your family safe and well?

Here is a list of 6 very good reasons for getting rid of your electric heater and choosing to install reverse cycle air conditioning.

1. Cool in summer, warm in winter.

The most obvious reason that most people install air conditioning is that it will keep you cool in summer, with reverse cycle air conditioning, you’ll have great warmth in winter too. Many places in Australia have quite changeable weather – no matter the season, so having the ability to both cool and warm the house with the flick of a switch (or automated depending on weather conditions) is the ideal situation to have.

2. Efficiency

If you’re thinking of installing a reverse cycle air conditioner, it is probably because you have learned that they are particularly efficient. For winter warming in particular, electric heaters work hard to emit heat, but reverse cycle air conditioning systems absorb heat from the outside air to get the air inside warmer. As a result, this type of functionality makes it not only more effective for the environment, but also for your back pocket. The low energy consumed by this type of system will save you on your electricity costs and will pay for itself after a while. The consumption of lower amounts of energy in turn means less emissions of greenhouse gases. Up to one third of that used by electric heaters (for example), making the choice simple if you’re concerned about the environment. Controlling the precise temperature of the rooms in your house is also possible which, again, saves energy and money.

3. In-built air-purifying filter

A frequently unheeded benefit to a reverse cycle air conditioning system is its capability of air purification. The in-built air-purifying filter will trap in the dust, smoke and small particles – this will help to clean up the air in your house and helps to keep your family healthy. Having clean air inside your house may be helpful with asthma, allergies, and the harmful effects of floating substances. The built-in air purification may even support in reducing mould, minimising house-hold and odours from pets and killing bacteria and germs. Not every reverse cycle air conditioner has an in built air purifier, so be sure to check this before you buy one.

4. Home automation

Many people, these days, utilise the modern convenience of home automation. If you’re one who likes this idea, you will really love the convenience of this feature with regards to your air conditioning system. Since it is controlled by a thermostat, it is possible to set the system to turn on automatically based on the time of day and you can even control it using your smartphone while you’re away from the house.

It’s possible to set it to turn on at a certain time in the mornings, so that when you get out of bed, the house temperature is just as you like it. Depending on the kind of household automation you have you might even be able to set it up to sense your actions – if no one is in an area, the system shuts down – if you wish the room to be cosier in the morning when you wake up your system can learn this as well.

5. Safe

According to Fire & Rescue NSW, 43% of all fire mortalities happen throughout the wintertime because of flammable objects being left too near to heaters, open fires, electric blankets and candles. This is why it’s particularly vital to test smoke and carbon monoxide sensors before the beginning of the winter season irrespective of whether or not you have a reverse cycle air conditioner fitted. While electrical heaters tend to trap dust and are more likely to be located near to beds and drapes (producing a possible fire risk) reverse cycle air conditioners are less risky. To uphold the security of your reverse cycle air conditioner, be sure to regularly clean the filter.

6. Distribute Heat Evenly

Moveable electrical heaters are intended to warm the area directly adjacent to it and build upon that heat, this means that it takes a lot of energy and time to heat up an entire room. A advantage to a reverse cycle air conditioner is its capability to evenly and efficiently warm up a whole room (instead of merely the area immediately adjacent to it) by circulating the heat.

To get started be sure to call your local licensed electrician today.